Beauty and wellness room Leimu is specialiced to comprihensive wellness of the body and mind.

Wellness room is located in the centre of Rovaniemi at Urheilukatu 5-7.
Wellness room offers you a private time to calm and relax from your everyday chores. Treatments are always intuitive and tailored for your personal needs.

Leimu offers you a selection of wellness treatments such as massage services, hot stones massage, sound bowl healing and relaxing beauty and facial treatments.

Contact: hhleimu@gmail.com

We are open only by reservation. Door is closed during treatments. We don't do erotic massages. The price list is valid Mon-Fri between 9 am and 6 pm. On weekends and evenings, +30% is added to the price. Home wellness visit starting from 25€ extra fee.

Treatments performed in the Wellness room is:

Classic massage

With massage various muscle tensions and pain conditions in the muscles are treated with the help of manual treatment. 45 min 32 € / 60 min 40 € / 90 min 60 € / 120 min 85 €.

Nerve massage 85 €

Nerve massage is an old form of treatment based in Chinese origin, which treats body holistically from head to toe. Longitudinal and transverse nerve pathways as well as brain and spinal cord nerves are treated in the massage. The purpose is to help natural balance and thereby, heal and awaken the body's own defense mechanism. The effect of nerve massage is similar to acupuncture. Like needle-free acupuncture. Nerve massage is done by hand, with fingers pressing and rotating at certain points along nerve pathways and the treatment of acupoints and meridian located there. Duration 2 hours.

Lapland head massage 39 €

Head massage is a gentle and effective form of treatment. The effectiviness of the treatment is based on the increase in metabolism and blood circulation, the release of the pleasure hormone and the relaxation of the body and mind. Duration 30 min.

Facial treatment from 70 €

Facial treatment is done individually according to your needs. Facial treatment contains cleansing, exfoliation, face massage, hand or head massage during the mask. Duration from 60 min. 90 min treatment starts with foot bath and includes as well eye area and decollete treatment.

Haltija 109 €

The fairy forest spirit will bring magical beauty to your day. The fairy will transport you through the forest and help you let go and release. The forest listens and doesn't tell you ahead! The treatment begins with an aromatic back massage scented with juniper and pine using wooden guasha splints. Back massage helps you stop and be present in the very moment. The treatment continues with a brightening and moisturizing facial. The facial treatment includes the basic elements of facial care: initial relaxation, double cleansing, brightening exfoliation, skin moisturizing treatment water, facial massage and moisturizing mask, as well as an eye mask. During the mask, grounding drum relaxation. Duration 1 hour 30 min.

Mielikin metsä 119 €

The treatment begins with a forest foot bath and foot exfoliation from feet to knees and an effective foot massage with MoiForest's Magic Oil. A refreshing peppermint mask is applied to the feet, during the period of action of which the transition is to a moisturizing facial treatment. After cleansing and exfoliating, the skin is intensively moisturized with Moi Forest Mist toner and you get a wonderful relaxing facial massage with MoiForest's Magic Oil. During the forest bath mask, you will receive a hand massage. Duration 1 hour 40 min.

Päivätär 139 €

The  treatment begins with a rosy foot bath and continues with a full-body massage. The massage involves treating the back, legs and hands. The treatment ends with a relaxing facial and includes cleansing, double peeling, massage and mask. During the mask, head massage. Duration 2 hours.

Kuutar 145 €

The treatment begins with a back hot stone massage, which effectively relaxes the muscles of the back. After the back massage, proceed to foot massage. The legs are massaged along the entire length, both from the back and from the front. After the massages, we move on to a wonderfully relaxing facial. Duration 2 hours 10 min.

Sound Bowl relaxation

Enjoy the nurturing, deeply relaxing harmonius sounds of a Tibetan sound bowls. The vibration of the sound reláxes the body and mind holistically. The chord bath leads you to the borders of sleep and wakefulness, straight to the completely different worlds. The vibrating sound of the bowls takes care of your body, calms the parasympathetic nervous system and helps with sleep quality. Your breathing become slow and calm. Sound bowl healing treatment for one person can be done in my wellness room. For 2 or more people it must done in your home/accommdation place.

For one person 69 € / for 2 persons 105 € / for 4-10 persons 25 €/person

Reiki 69 €

Reiki is a ubiquitous life energy with healing properties. Reiki treats you holistically. The treatment opens up energy blockages, gives energy, relaxes, soothes, strengthens self-esteem, relieves stress and helps you discover your own strengths. Reiki balances unbalanced parts of the body's energy system by filling depleted energy reserves and accelerates the body's own healing process. Duration 1 hour.

Access Bars 80 €

Access Bars is a gentle, light touch therapy that involves touching the 32 so-called "touch pads" of the head area. Bars points. The gentle technique releases mental and physical blockages that are stored in our bodies while helping to add lightness to all areas of life. The treatment has been found to have positive effects on creativity, pain, relationships, sleep, anxiety, depression, stress, life management and, for example, hyperactivity. Duration 1 hour 10 min.