Beauty and wellness room Leimu is specialiced to comprihensive wellness of the body and mind.

Wellness room is located in Pöykkölä, Rovaniemi city, surrounded by beautiful nature settings around our house.
Wellness room offers you a private time to calm and relax from your everyday chores. Treatments are always intuitive and tailored for your personal needs.

Leimu offers you a selection of wellness treatments  such as aroma therapy, hot stones massage, Gua Sha massage, suction cup massage, sound bowl healing and relaxing beauty and facial treatments.

Contact: hhleimu@gmail.com

The price list is valid Mon-Fri between 10 am and 6 pm. On weekends and evenings, +30% is added to the price. Home wellness visit starting from 25€ extra fee.

Treatments performed in the Beauty and wellness room such as:

Chocolate massage 75 €

Relaxing and papering raw chocolate-coconut full body massage. Available only in wellness room. Duration 1 hour.

Drum relaxation, aroma massage on the back and facial treatment 109 €

The treatment begins with grounding drum relaxation and continues with an aromatic back massage with the scent of juniper and pine, using wooden guasha combs. The treatment ends with a brightening and relaxing facial. Duration 1 hour 30 min.

Hot stone massage and facial treatment 145 €

Hot stone massage with a forest twist. Either pine or juniper essential oil can be added to the massage oil if desired. The treatment ends with a brightening facial. After treatment you will be really relaxed. Available only in wellness room. Duration 2 hours.

Nerve massage 75 €

Nerve massage is an old form of treatment based in Chinese origin, which treats body holistically from head to toe.  Longitudinal and transverse nerve pathways as well as brain and spinal cord nerves are treated in the massage. The purpose is to help natural balance and thereby, heal and awaken the body's own defense mechanism. The effect of nerve massage is similar to acupuncture. Like needle-free acupuncture. Nerve massage is done by hand, with fingers pressing and rotating at certain points along nerve pathways and the treatment of acupoints and meridian located there. Duration 2 hours.

Guasha massage or suction cup massage 65 €

Guasha is a very relaxing massage technique that cleans the body and quicly relives local pain. Guasha massage is done by pressing and scraping the body trouble spots with a guasha comb. Body suction cup massage and dry cupping. Suction cup massage invigorates the metabolism, enhances the lymhatic circulation and reduces swelling. Duration 1 hour.

Lapland head massage 53 €

Head massage is a gentle and effective form of treatment. The effectiviness of the treatment is based on the increase in metabolism and blood circulation, the release of the pleasure hormone and the relaxation of the body and mind. Duration 45 min.

Aroma massage 85 €

Aroma massage is a gentle relaxing full body massage. The effect is based on the effect of essential oils after being absorbed either through the skin or the respiratory track into the bloodstream. They also affect the central nervous system through the sense of smell, which regulates the activity and emotions of the autonomic nervous system. Before massage, a relaxing or invigorating essential oil is selected and mixed with the base oil. Duration 1 hour 30 min.

Hot Stone massage 89 €

In a Hot stone massage the muscles are relaxed placing heated natural stones on the body. The muscles are massaged with warm natural basalt stones. Heat helps relieve muscle pain and tension in the body. Blood circulation intensifies, which reduces muscle cramps. It also reduces inflammation in the muscles, relieves pains and enhances manual massage. Available only in wellness room. Duration 1 hour 15 min.

Dream in the garden - facial 85 €

Come with me on a relaxing and pampering sensory journey! Comprehensive facial treatment up to the de'collete'. Facial includes a softening hand exfoliation and a mask. Duration 1 hour 15 min.

Enchanting - Facial 99 €

The facial treatment is tailored to your skin's needs and wishes. Facial includes cleansing, peeling, face massage and mask. Facial includes a softening hand exfoliation and a mask. Duration 1 hour 30 min.

Gua Sha Facial treatment 99 €

An affective guasha facial treatment is more than a traditional facial treatment. Guasha improves microcirculation and lymphatic circulation, relaxes facial muscles, elasticity and posture improves and tightens. The treatment combines lymphatic and connective tissue massage and guasha massage. Facial includes initial face cleansing, exfoliation, guasha for face, de'collete' and neck area and a mask. Facial includes a head guasha too. Duration 1 hour 30 min.

Sound Bowl healing from 65 € 

Enjoy the nurturing, deeply relaxing harmonius sounds of a Tibetan sound bowls. The vibration of the sound reláxes the body and mind holistically. The chord bath leads you to the borders of sleep and wakefulness, straight to the completely different worlds. The vibrating sound of the bowls takes care of your body, calms the parasympathetic nervous system and helps with sleep quality. Your breathing become slow and calm. Sound bowl healing treatment for one person can be done in my wellness room. For 2 or more people it must done in your home/accommdation place.

For one person 65 € / for 2 persons 99 € / for 3-9 persons 25 €/person